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It is estimated that 60 – 80% of houses have wiring errors that cause high AC electric and magnetic fields – putting you and your family at increased risk of health problems. Also problematic are high Radio Frequency fields from internal as well as external sources. None of these fields can be seen or felt, but they have cellular effects that interfere with our body’s health and restorative functions. They can affect many aspects of our health including sleep, detoxification, endocrine function, stress response, mental illness, and cancer just to name a few.

Forward-thinking physicians are becoming aware of these fields, and some are asking patients with chronic health problems to address the EMF issues in their homes to enable their treatments to have more efficacy.

There are some relevant articles on this site that you are welcome to share with your health provider, some are geared more to science and health professionals, while others give good overall summaries of how these fields can contribute to the health problems listed above.

Please feel free to call me if you have questions or if you would like me to give a free presentation tailored to your group. Included in the presentation would be information that could help you make meaningful changes in your home. I have had extensive training in the detection and identification of these fields using professional meters. After identifying issues in your home I can provide you with strategies and solutions to reduce or eliminate these unseen hazards.

What you don’t know, can hurt you – as well as those you love.

Pricing for EMF surveys:

Assessments start at $399 and are priced according to square footage of house. Call for a specific quote for your home. Other factors possibly affecting cost are if you have a crawlspace, number of outbuildings and number of occupants. I am able to take credit cards if that is your preference, but would have to add 3% to cover cost of processing by the credit card company.

I will be at your house for 3 – 6 hours depending on square footage of house and number of occupants, and will provide a thorough emailed report with data logs and bed maps with suggestions for remediation if high electromagnetic fields are found. Included in the cost of the survey is a 1/2 hour phone consult discussing the report and answering any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

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“The modern human lives in a cesspool of man-made electromagnetic radiation.”

- Steven Magee


Learn more about the steps in completing an EMF/EMR survey.

01 - Contact Us

Contact us first with your problems or concerns. This will help determine if our company is a good fit to serve you and whether an EMF survey would be a good course of action.

Click here to go to our Contact Page.

02 - Schedule a Survey

After speaking with you, we’ll schedule an appointment to conduct the EMF survey.

The EMF surveys can take anywhere from 3-6 hours depending on factors such as the size of the building, electrical panel access, etc…

03 - EMF Survey

On the scheduled day, please plan on being at the survey location, so we can explain our findings. During the survey, if stipulated, we can look for four EMFs that are commonly found in people’s homes and apartments:

Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields, Radio Frequency Sources, and Dirty Electricity.

04 – EMF Survey – Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields are commonly caused by electrical wiring errors, proximity to overhead power lines and grounding sources, such as stray electrical current on water pipes.

05 – EMF Survey – Electric Fields

Un-shielded electrical wiring (commonly known as ROMEX), is the main culprit for electrical fields. This can be an issue for the electrical circuits that service sleeping areas.

06 – EMF Survey – Radio Frequency Fields

Radio frequency fields are caused by wireless devices. Common examples of these are cell phones, wifi routers, cordless telephones, computers, tablets, smart electric meters, smart gas meters, and cell phone towers.

07 – EMF Survey – Dirty Electricity

Dirty electricity can be caused by CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), dimmer switches and computers, among other things.

These can sometimes be reduced by utilizing filters.

08 – Post-Survey Report

After conducting the EMF survey, we write down our recommendations and sit down with you to go over them. This gives us a good opportunity to discuss our findings and answer any questions you may have.

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