Learn More About Michigan EMF

I started Michigan EMF Specialists to provide people with a better understanding of the invisible environmental factors that may be affecting them in, and around their home or place of business. I am trained by The Building Biology Institute in Sante Fe, NM as a certified Building Biologist (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS).       

I consider it my specialty to educate clients, measure & make recommendations for mitigation, and to verify that actions taken produce the desired outcome.  EMF’s are an undetectable environmental pollutant much like radon, that cannot be sensed by humans but can have profound effects on our, and our families health.

Below are some of the EMFs we inspect for:

Magnetic fields are commonly caused by electrical wiring errors, proximity to overhead and underground power lines, grounding issues that arise from objectionable electrical current on water pipes, gas lines, cable lines and telephone lines.

Oftentimes electrical work done by licensed and non-licensed electrical contractors can be in violation of NEC code, most frequently when sub-panels are improperly installed, and when neutrals from two separate circuits are combined in junction boxes or switch boxes.


Un-shielded electrical wiring (commonly known as ROMEX), is the main culprit for electrical fields. This can be an issue for the electrical circuits that service sleeping areas.

Computer stations are notoriously high electric field locations and can be successfully mitigated with proper grounding and shielding.  

In addition ungrounded lamps can put off high electric fields that can affect health because of proximity of people to them when reading.


Radio frequency fields are caused by wireless devices. Common examples of these are cell towers, cell phones, wifi routers, cordless telephones, computers, printers, tablets, smart electric, gas and water meters,  bluetooth devices such as tiles, smart tv’s, remote controls that broadcast constantly, just to name a few!

We data log with Gigahertz Solutions professional grade meters and provide you with the graph of the exposure levels before we leave your house.  Sometimes it is also useful to data log for an extended period of time to catch intermittent broadcasts from smart meters and other sources. 


Internal Dirty Electricity can be caused by CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), dimmer switches and computers, among other things. 

External Dirty Electricity is caused by local and regional solar arrays, neighbors use of electricity and the devices that create Dirty Electricity that share it to the power grid in general.  It doesn’t matter if you get rid of your sources, it comes into your house from the power grid, but fortunately there are smart ways to filter this pollutant, while keeping the cost to a minimum. 

It’s best practice to have an assessment of all the electromagnetic fields, then filter in accordance with Building Biology recommendations so you do it the safest and most cost effective way.  We have advanced equipment (oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer) that can assess what frequencies are present and what filters will be successful in cleaning those frequencies up.  Plug in Dirty Electricity meters are useful, but if you are Electrically Sensitive or have a chronic illness it may be advantageous to look at Dirty Electricity at a much deeper level.

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